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Secondary Containment From Bristar

Secondary Containment From Bristar
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Engineered Steel Berms
This secondary Containment is engineered to withstand the catastrophic failure of the Primary Storage Tank. It is recommended for use in high volume tank situations – Refinery Tanks, Multiple Tank Farms, etc and in Permanent Storage Facilities.
Galfan Steel Dikes
This unique steel is coated with GALFAN rather than ordinary galvanizing. Galfan’s properties as a mischmetal coating yields more than double the ordinary life of steel coated products. For use in single, double, and multi-tank farms and can be temporary or permanent.
CMR Steel Dikes
This Steel Secondary Containment structure is accented by its light weight and easy-to-manage installation. The strength of all corrugated metals is in the depth and angle of corrugation; as such the full 1.5 inch grove depth of the CMR makes it the most durable of round steel dikes available in the world today.
Crossover Stiles
The first and perhaps only commercially available “crossover” style built to meet all occupational Health & Safety Codes. It is fully galvanized for years of durable service.
Barrel Drum Storage
The premiere “Barrel Dock” introduced to industry providing complete built-in Secondary Containment.
The use of HDPE and LLDPE plastics is widely known. Bristar introduced this product as a sheet liner for Secondary Containment applications and fabricates it locally in our Quality Controlled Facilities. UV Stable and Compatible for Upstream Petroleum use it is now considered the standard of the industry.






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